Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Reality and the Ron Paulistas

I have always been one who values a principled, but also pragmatic approach. I have expressed grave resignations about John McCain and why rolling in crushed glass would be more pleasant than having him as a nominee, but it's a good possibility I'll force myself to pull the lever for him in November. I have also supported floundering candidates (Fred, Rudy) up to the point of futility, but even then, I have looked to the next candidate to support. I have spoken about being self reliant, but still tap some of the very resources I rail against. I have questioned the sanity of the pointless rebate checks we will get this May, but I sure as hell won't turn down the cash. Actually, I'll donate some in support of the FairTax.

At a certain point, especially in politics, it is time to cut your losses and get the fudge out. Mitt Romney did it when he looked at the numbers after Super Tuesday. Rudy did it after his Florida debacle. Even uber-alien Dennis Kucinich got out of the presidential race. But Mike Huckabee, hellbent on winning a couple more small states, is still fighting on, despite the fact that the race is effectively over. I ask someone in the Huckabee camp to please hit your candidate upside the head with a brick and knock some sense into him. If GOP politics teaches us anything, it's that one day it will be his "turn" to win. And on that thought, the Libertarian party is looking better all the time.

Then there's Ron Paul and his mindless minions. First let's deal with the man that Mike properly identified as My Favorite Martian. I won't go on about his political views, as I have already wasted time on that. Instead, I'll just point out he has no chance, his success in the ballot box has increased only because he's the most conservative (and most insane) candidate still in the race, and he's even more delusional that Huck-a-duck. And that's saying something.

And that's dog shit in a baby's mouth compared to the hideous mooks that identify themselves as his supporters. I refer to the insanity of the Ron Paulistas: Sad, pathetic guys that live with their parents and can't get laid, bag ladies who have forgotten to take their medicine, lobotomy addicts, and morons who hate all politicians, common sense, grooming, and reality.

I do have perfect examples of the nuttiness just for your reading pleasure:

1. I live in a small town. As of Presidents day, there are no less than a dozen Ron Paul signs up on the main streets, comprising less than a mile of total road. There are no other signs out yet. These delusional quarter-wits (I want to avoid insulting the halfwits, dimwits and nitwits out there) obviously have no grasp of reality, as they are still hyping the Martian at a manic pace.

2. They show up in blogs and spew conspiracy theory crap and anti-establishment bullshit that isn't worth printing out to put on the floor for the dog to piss on.

3. They have the vocabulary, clarity, and prose style of a teenager on a cell phone.

Hey, Paulaholics: live in the now, please. Or go back to your darkened rooms, your Dungeons and Dragons dice, and the sock you spend Saturday nights with and don't bother me until 2012.

Okay, that felt good. Sometimes I just feel like ripping into people. And for the humor and annoyance and utter destruction of sane political discourse they have brought to the Presidential race, they deserve it.


Dee said...

The Ron Paul followers are like cockroaches, they pop up everywhere ;-).

Mike's America said...

My Favorite Martian won all of 14 delegates so far and still can't break above single digit results in primaries.

Do you suppose these people will realize what a waste of time it is to put up their signs and get real?

Not likely.

Patrick M said...

I know it's a waste of time, but when, on President's day, a dozen signs popped up on the main drag in town, I felt like ripping them for stupidity.