Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Is He Full of Huckabull?

I'm still struggling about what to do when the primary reaches Ohio in March. I have four choices, none of them good:

1. Waste a Vote - I could for Mitt Romney, or Fred Thompson. These were people I was ready to get behind, but they failed. Fred was approaching pre-Viagra Bob Dole charisma levels, and Mitt made the strategic and financial decision to pull out with the ascendence of McCain to a position that almost guarantees him victory.

2. Ron Paul - I'd rather fill my undies with glass shards and run through a porn shop. I'd rather snort powdered sulfur. I would do anything for love, but I won't do that. Hell no, I won't do that. I'd put a serious answer here, but Ron is even more delusional than option #4.

3. John McCain - The front runner and presumed nominee of the GOP. I can't, in good conscience vote for him, unless it were a neck and neck race with Ron Paul. Then I'd have to throw myself on my sword, as that would be proof that madness, and zombies, were about to overrun the country. I've said enough about McCain, and since I'm not going to actively sabotage the Republican nominee (or help his ass, either) I'll leave it at that.

4. Mike Huckabee - This is the direction I'm leaning, but with reservations. He is a supporter of the FairTax, and with the release of the new book, this would be a motivation to throw support behind him. Also, he is an alternative to McCain. Finally, there's the simple fact he has the balls to go places where he's been chewed on for his liberal tendencies. I heard him on Sean Hannity's show today, where he was making nice with Sean.

On the other hand, there's his questionable fiscal record, his pardon mania, some questions on amnesty. But his worst trait, and it will be hard to convince me otherwise, is the idea that he is still "in it to win it" despite doing miserably until it became a three man race. Then he split votes with Romney and handed McCain more victories. Then when Mitt quit, the Huckster decided to stay in, despite the futility of his position. This is almost pride, in the biblical sense. And as a Baptist minister, he should know better.

So I'm stuck. I have four choices, none of which sound very appealing. And it will be worse in November. But I'm not one for hope. I'm one for making great things happen.

So I'll probably decide on election day itself at this rate. Or I'll just lock myself in my room for the next four years. It's a possibility.

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