Wednesday, February 6, 2008

After Super Tuesday....

So the results are in, and after tallying delegates, John McCain on the way to becoming the nominee of the Republican Party, with half the delegates wrapped up and victories in far too many important states. Add to that the possible collusion of Mike Huckabee to snatch delegates up to fend off Mitt Romney, as well as the fact that too many of Mitt Romney's votes are anti-McCain votes and not pro-Romney votes. There's still a possibility for the race to turn around, and I refuse to concede defeat yet, but if the current trend continues, I'm going to find myself in the position of being without a party.

The delegate count, courtesy of Fox News, with 1,191 delegates needed to win, is as follows:

John McCain - 613
Mitt Romney - 269
Mike Huckabee - 190

Over on the left, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are locked in a two-man (now that Edwards is out, I don't have to say two-person) race. And while, for the sake of the soul of the Democrat party, I'd like to see Obama win the nod and lose in November, I doubt he has the ability to overcome the Clinton Machine, despite the victories he scored last night.

The delegate count, with 2,025 needed to win, is:

Hillary Clinton - 845
Barack Obama - 765

Oh, and for those of you who think I believe Barack is as pure as the drizzled yellow snow (he is a politician, after all), it's a matter of relative dishonesty. He has one shady slumlord and an endorsement from Teddy Kennedy. Compare that with the assload after assload of scandals and questions about the Clinton state of affairs.

Either way, I just don't have that much to say, since I was fairly sure that Super Tuesday was going to be the absolute drizzling shit for Conservatism. I'll stop now, get myself back to the positive, and be ready to go by tomorrow. Until then, leave me to wallow.

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