Friday, January 4, 2008

Winners And Losers

First of all, I extend my congratulations to Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama on their victories in Iowa. It is my plan in the future to crush you both pitifully in November. HA, HA, HA! Either way, it's a beginning.

I'll spare you my analysis of the events of last night, as a thousand talking heads have already beat me to the punch. What I will say is that positive speeches and positive attitudes will carry the day. Here's my example:

I got to hear speeches from Obama and John Edwards. Just to clarify, I wouldn't vote for either of them. Edwards speech, from beginning to end, was an angry tirade on how Big Business was assfucking the working man. I had a few moments during that speech where I had a very strong desire to be behind the Senator so I could hit him in the head with a hammer. That's how negative it was. Obama's speech was, by contrast, an uplifting and energetic speech which drew on hope, on the realization of the American dream, of how people could rise against adversity. I could almost feel myself being moved by those words. (note the use of the term 'almost' in that last sentence and realize I sat here on my ass throughout the speech)

Both speeches were similar in what they promised. But here, delivery and attitude make the difference. The Republicans should tremble to have to face Obama in a general election. I have not seen a single Republican who can speak with that much passion and energy, and draw that much energy from the audience. I guess Huckabee made a similar speech, but I must have missed it.

Too bad I was too late to get into the primaries. I know the Republicans need someone to inspire them, as none of the current candidates bring a true conservative vision to the table. Maybe someone will emerge, but the political hacks have been beating up every front runner, and with every top tier candidate having some problem, a true conservative with some energy and a positive outlook could have swept in easily.

Oh well, on to New Hampshire and next week....

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