Thursday, January 24, 2008

Heath Ledger Aftermath

I'll be brief concerning Heath Ledger himself. He was good in The Patriot. I don't know that much about him beyond the slew of news stories in the past couple of days. So with the autopsy inconclusive and the toxicology sure to answer the question of how he died, and everybody talking about the story all over the news, I'll leave it at that. But I was planning to talk about personal responsibility and the drug problem before this story broke, so I'll touch on that somewhere in here.

What is interesting to watch the effect on pop culture that his untimely demise has had. First of all, this is a reminder that every celebrity is a person that the vulture media has put on a pedestal for everyone to see, whether they want it or not. I personally have always had more respect for stars who keep things low-key when they're not legitimately in the spotlight. Our obsession over them often leans toward overwhelming. Add to that the fact that they have lots of money, the ability to travel anywhere, the legitimate need for occasional medication, the acceptance in the celebrity culture of drugs in general, and the predatory media which I'm going to rip into in the next paragraph and it's surprising more celebs aren't found face down naked surrounded by pills. The worst of these (Warning: Britney reference!) are stars that whore themselves before the cameras every possible known way. From the idiotic camera courting to the VH1-spawned atrocity called Celebreality, stars are encouraged to let everything (including vaginas) hang out. And simply put, being that public that much is not good for you, or your children if you have them. Ask Britney. Ask Paris. Ask Anna Nicole. Wait, she's dead.

(caution: If you don't want to see how angry I can be, stop reading now.)

If you don't want to play ball with the whore media, then there's sure to be some spineless bastard sitting in the bushes trying to get a shot of your naked ass through your blinds with his telescopic lens. The paparazzi are the very bottom of genetic failure in the media. These soulless, brainless, bottom-feeding vermin make their living sneaking pictures and stories about every celebrity, living or dead. If one of these scum ever did find a celebrity dead first, I'm sure there would be a pic of someone defiling the corpse. That's how low these pieces of subhuman shit will go to make their ill-gotten money. And they sell this tripe to the rags that grace the grocery store checkouts. I've seen them. You've seen them. I wouldn't lower myself to wiping my ass with these blasphemies of toilet paper. These creatures that pander this puke will not stop until they kill somebody in pursuit of a story. Ask Princess Di. Oh wait, she's dead. I'm not going to advocate violence here, but a change in the laws to allow famous people to sue these morons when they print garbage, and protect the stars from lawsuits for inserting the vultures' cameras in various orifices not designed for the purpose would be a good thing.

This is the social disease that infects America. Too many of us don't take personal responsibility for the world we live in, and instead live on every brainless Hollywood moment out there. Hell, even I was watching some of the Paris Hilton jail saga last year, primarily because it was wall to wall coverage. Maybe there would be fewer dead and messed up celebrities if we could just stop following this shit. I know that anybody who reads this blog does not fall into that category. It is the responsibility of a free people to take part in preserving their freedom, not devoting every moment trying to find out if Lindsay Lohan is now, officially, a coked-out whore.

So do that mind-numbed robot in your live that is dear to you a big favor. Print this blog out and make them read it. A little knowledge is dangerous. But it's also what keeps us free.

I'm not linking to anything today, as there are too many blogs out there feeding the puke train of gossip. So out of respect for the dead, we'll just have a pic:

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Out of respect for the dead, I'll just say "Rest in Peace Gabriel Martin".