Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Voting for Stupidity

Presidential candidate and former governor Mitt Romney is preparing to give a speech on his Mormon faith, hearkening back to a similar speech by then Senator John F Kennedy concerning his relationship with the Catholic Church. This is both good and unfortunately necessary. It is good because it will be Romney's chance to define himself apart from being a Massachusetts governor or a Mormon. And unfortunately, it is necessary because there are far too many ignorant bastards who will vote for or against someone for superficial and mindless reasons.

Why do you vote for someone? Do you vote for someone because they are a Democrat or a Republican? Have you ever voted third party? Also, whenever there's an amendment with an assload of print, do you read through it or do you just vote as your party said to? And what's the stupidest reason you can think of to vote for or against someone?

Here's stupid reasons to vote for someone, along with the corresponding candidate for you:
Because he's a (insert racial epithet here) – Barack Obama
Because she has a vagina – Hillary Clinton
Because he's an adulterer – Rudy Giuliani
Because he's a Mormon – Mitt Romney
Because Bush sucks – Dennis Kucinich*
Because government sucks - Ron Paul

I have yet to decide on a candidate because I'm waiting to hear everything the candidates have to offer. I also will only vote for someone who has the opportunity to win. The things I am looking for in a candidate are as follow: war on terror, immigration and border security, taxes and spending. All the top tier candidates are good on the war, none are great on border security. And there's one candidate that may be on the right side of the taxes and spending issue. But I'll have to do a little reading and see what happens in Iowa and New Hampshire before I can make a choice. Because after that, the field will narrow and the second tier candidates and Ron Paul will be weeded out.

There are many reasons to vote for or vote against someone. But you should probably watch a debate or two or read something rather than vote out of stupidity. So hop to it.

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