Monday, December 31, 2007

Foreign Policy Detailed

As this year draws to a close, and my campaign for President truly begins,I want to be clear on my foreign policy. On the 28th, I wrote, "The guiding principle of any foreign policy is that we follow our national interest first." That's a simplistic view for a complex issue, so allow me to expand:

The War on Terror is the first priority of our foreign policy. This is a war in which we are engaged, not with a country, but with a culture. That culture is radical Islam. This is a culture in which oppression and terror are pillars of their beliefs. They are murderers and perverters of their religion. They seek our destruction, as their culture is incompatible with our way of life. They will kill children and burn down anything that stands in their way.

With this in mind, our only option is to kill them. All of them. Yes, I am suggesting something that skirts the edge of genocide. However, it is a matter of triage. We must decide now whether their lives are worth more than ours, because either we die or they die. With that choice, I vote to blow up any village harboring terrorist if we can't clean them out surgically. We have done this before. With Japan in WWII, we faced an enemy that would have fought us to the last man. We had to prove to them that their fight was futile to win. It meant wiping out a city or two, bringing the true horror of war to them. But now Japan is a peaceful and good ally. That was the price of peace. And our enemy is more determined than that. And they are evil, as well.

As for our efforts in spreading democracy, it is a noble goal. We must not compromise the war to spread it, and we must let other countries move that direction on their own, without our meddling. And if they choose otherwise, we must remember that a friendly dictator is better than an unstable country, especially if nukes are involved. Right now, that country is Pakistan. Iraq and Afghanistan are similar, except without the arsenal, and with an active terrorist insurgency.

As for other hotspots around the world, like Darfur for example, we should examine the situation and see if there is any substantial way to help. We should never go in somewhere to "do something" without a measurable result. This gets our people killed for no reason. If a country is in the midst of a civil war, then they have to sort it out, unless letting them do so will result in terrorists taking control. Beyond that, our economic and cultural influences should be sufficient to affect other countries and guide them to our way of thinking.

Finally, I favor exporting the United Nations. While I'm not advocating withdrawing from the pointless world body, their interests are more and more at odds with American interests. Let's send them to Europe. Or even better, Antarctica. Wherever they go, and I have a few other suggestions that would break my own rules about bashing politicians, the basic principle is that we send a clear message that, while we respect discussions over global issues, we cannot let ourselves be ruled by other countries that are scrambling for more power. Through our sacrifices and our attempts (both good and bad) to make the world a better place, we have earned our place in this world. We must stand united as a people to make sure we do not go the way of other great nations in history.

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