Wednesday, October 31, 2007

(Relative) Honesty in Politics

Since the Washington (George, that is) administration, political opponents have been blasting away at each other with caustic and often factually-challenged statements designed to create distinct differences between opposing parties. However, I've noticed that the adjusting of truth has shifted to the candidates own statements about themselves.

In 1984, Walter Mondale, in his presidential bid, said that he would raise our taxes. I respect that kind of honesty. I also am glad he didn't get that chance. I can have respect for any politician who gets out there and throws his message out there consistently, whether i agree or disagree. Barack Obama seems to be one of those straight shooters. There's not a hope in hell of me ever voting for him, but I respect his clear liberalism. Ron Paul doesn't seem to know what parsing the word is about. If I wanted the US to go back to pre-WWI isolationism, he'd be my man. By the way, I don't. However, he does speak his mind and presents a clear idea how to fix (read as mess up) the country.

On the other hand, There's Hillary Clinton. There are plenty of people out there who have chronicled the various shifting positions of the Senator and former First Lady, so i won't worry about repeating them here. Suffice it to say that she has learned well from the master of redefinition (of what is is, for example) and is doing her level best to win. I have some questions I would bet could make the leading Republican contenders get a little nervous, but I have yet to decide whether they're evolving or just changing their platform to fit the primaries. When the GOP has a candidate to challenge the Clinton machine, then I'll be able to decide whether I'm backing a candidate I want to win or choosing the lesser of two evils.

On a somewhat related note, we could use some fresh leadership in the White House. Consider this: my little sister was born in 1986. The only presidents she has any memory of have been named either Bush or Clinton. Just a thought for my Democrat friends out there.

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